4 ago. 2011

Amor y venganza

This film by Pilar Miró from the late 90s stars Emma Suárez as a 40s-style femme fatale. It's not quite campy enough to be a real film noir from the 40s, and the dialogue is very stilted. I never believed the character of the mathematician policeman who is investigating the crime. Franco-era police were just not that nice. I have little patience for period stuff when it looks too costumey. If you think of the actual look that real 40s films had, you just can't buy the look of the film. The music, too, was too melodramatic, but not in a way that evoked any particular epoch.

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Clarissa dijo...

I love this series of posts with movie reviews.

Jonathan dijo...

That's surprising. I don't think these reviews are all that great. But I'm glad you like them.

Vance Maverick dijo...

B of D is a literal documentary (and a great one). Tambien la lluvia is fiction...but I have to see it now too.