3 jul. 2011

Pasta Primavera

I sautéed two zucchini in small but not tiny pieces, a small chopped shallot, three chopped cloves of garlic, a handful of green beans (steamed first for 5 minutes) in some olive oil. I added a really good tomato from the farmer's market and a handful of baby spinach leaves. A little bit of dried basil (fresh would have been better). I tossed this with 1/2 pound of ziti and some parmesan and freshly ground black pepper. It tasted really good. The liquid from the oil, spinach, and tomato was just enough to coat the pasta but without a heavy tomato-sauce feel. It was lucky that I didn't happen to have any onions, because the shallot, which I had left over from something else I made last week, did the job much better.

2 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

I love these cooking posts. I never made pasta primavera and never ordered it at a restaurant because the vegetables always look mushy and wilted when other people order it.

Your recipe, however, sounds like there will be no mushiness involved, so I'm planning to try it.

Jonathan dijo...

No mushiness was involved.