15 jun. 2011

Spanish Theory

According to Joan Resina in the Johns Hopkins Guide:
To the question, Why is Spanish theory jejune and uninfluential? a possible answer would be, paraphrasing Franz Kafka, that in Spain there is theory, plenty of theory, but not for us. ‘Us’ here refers very generally to the ad hoc category of the postmodern cognitive subject.

Nice move, dismissing the object of your study in the first line of your article.

3 comentarios:

Professor Zero dijo...

And the meaning of it all is, I must cause us to own the 2005 edition of this or visit such an edition, so I can see what he does with this.

Jonathan dijo...

It's on the online version. If your university subscribes you should be able to access it. If you can't, let me know and I'll see if I can send you a pdf.

Professor Zero dijo...

Merci!!! We don't have online access due to Budget Cuts! I'd love a pdf ... profacero@gmail.com ... JR Resina has been saying this since graduate school, that is, posing this question, so I'll be amused / interested. :-)