19 jun. 2011

Signs You Are a Jazz Nerd

At least twenty separate versions of "Body and Soul' in your itunes library. Almost as many recordings of "Stardust."

Knowing the exact personnel of various Miles Davis groups in three or four separate decades.

Knowing that "Caravan" was written by Tizol and "Take the A-Train" by Strayhorn, not Ellington.

Knowing the difference between a Gershwin and a Rogers and Hart Song. Knowing the "apartment" rhymes with "what my heart meant."

Following bass players and drummers, not just saxes and pianos. Noticing on a recording how tense the drummer has the heads tuned, whether he is using brushes or sticks.

3 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

I've only really learned how to listen to drummers in the past five years, since Miles began to play drums. Talking to his teacher (an excellent jazz and rock drummer) has helped me discover how to hear the patterns that drummers use.

Jonathan dijo...

Naming your son Miles is another sign.

Andrew Shields dijo...

The funny thing is that the name was my wife's idea, but of course I didn't complain!