27 jun. 2011

Nuestro Flamenco

The Spanish radio program "Nuestro flamenco," to which I listen to religiously on podcast, features a section devoted to listener questions. I wrote one in, about how to learn to distinguish between different palos or styles, and they answered my question in the program of 6/22, recommending the 12-disk box set "Enciclopedia de los estilos flamencos." I was very moved to hear my name mentioned and my question answered so respectfully, with three or four musical selections. I never expected the program to answer my question in particular.

2 comentarios:

Vance Maverick dijo...

That was indeed sweet. (Link to podcast -- the program is labeled 6/23 here.) I've become fond of this, from the opening tritone to the formal tones of the announcer and of course the music. I like the way he pauses before butchering your name -- not, one senses, out of uncertainty, but to savor the incongruity.

Jonathan dijo...

You should write in a question to see how they pronounce your name.