3 jun. 2011

Crews on Prozac

If you think the only alternative to Freudianism is psychiatric medication, take a look at Fred Crews'Talking Back to Prozac. Crews is one of the main public intellectual critics of psychoanalysis, but his view of prozac is no less critical.

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Vance Maverick dijo...

I'm broadly sympathetic to the message, but it's difficult to read through the clangor of alarm bells set off by the tendentious prose. (Take the treatment of suicidality in SSRI patients, where his language presumes his conclusion.)

Clarissa dijo...

Great article, thank you for the link!

Professor Zero dijo...

SSRIs are awful, but I do recommend anything in the valium family! I'm used to sunshine and wind and big cities and windows and oceans and broad views, but now I have a windowless office. I live at sea level in a rural place with a repressive culture and no hills, and a lot of dark days where it's too hot to go out, and I can't afford to be away as much as I would like to. I get really claustrophobic and although yoga and things like that help, natural remedies and what not do not really ... ya gotta go stronger! :-)