6 jun. 2011

Baby Boom

When I look to people 10-15 years older than me (65), there are certain political attitudes and gestures left over from the 60s. Going the other direction, even in liberal academia, the political passions and motivations are not there to the same extent. People are more liberal than leftist if they are 15 years younger than me (35) I sit somewhat uncomfortably between these two groups, since I was born in the last year of the baby boom.

Now obviously could be wrong about this. It is only my subjective interpretation of my experience, and a generalization. Certainly the tenured radicals are not the majority of this age group, but their presence does make a difference. There are younger leftists, of course, but I don't think it's quite the same thing for them. The fire just doesn't burn as hot.

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Professor Zero dijo...

Someone on academic senate older than me, a historian with leftist research, wanted to spend a lot of time in a senate meeting talking about how we should sit in on the budget cuts.

This was voted down - in my view correctly, but for reasons I disagree with. He was disappointed and looked like he felt beaten up.

I approached the guy after the meeting and said look, you're right in principle and I have organizing experience. I'll help you get something done if you'd like, but you've got to realize it's going to take at least an hour every week and we'll all have to step up to the plate every time.

Him [sic]: I just wanted to get that Senate meeting fired up.

So his was a mere gesture. Yet I appreciate him more than I do the young, the individualist and the fearful who say: "Well, I think I have a friend in the big house, so I'll be all right if the budget cuts come."

Professor Zero dijo...

More: I am starting to feel old in this regard, grandmotherly even.

Evidence set A: there are two layers of conservatives younger than me: the students (Republicans) and the assistant professors (Clinton/Obama Democrats).

Evidence set B: the old timers have identified me as one of those who also remembers the things they do, namely the world as it once was.