28 jun. 2011

Another Book on Lorca!

It occurred to me to write a third book on Lorca. Why not? I have plenty more to say. The table of contents came to me in a flash:

Lorca--The enigma

The Legend

The Poet

The Thinker

The Dramatist

The Musician

I'll still spend 6 months reading Latin American Poetry before I start this new project, but Lorca is my meal-ticket. I want to be Mr. Lorca. The idea of this book is to define him through six separate approaches. Lorca the musician will offer a different perspective than Lorca the Poet or Lorca the Legend.

2 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

The book already sounds fascinating and sorely needed. I'm already interested, so there is one prospective reader even as early as this. :-)

Jonathan dijo...

I have no idea if this is even feasible, but I think it will make an impact. I have to come up with a title like Another Damned Book on Lorca. Thanks for your interest.