2 may. 2011

Why I don't Talk About Politics Here (A Couple Reasons)

My political opinions are utterly banal. They are probably your opinions already, unless you are a raving conservative birther idiot or part of the idiot left. There are many political bloggers who are more informed of the granular details of contemporary politics, or more interested in getting into debates about very specific issues. My disgust for any kind of right-wing politics is visceral, but I don't need to reiterate it endlessly on twitter or face book, since it is probably identical to yours. I like to write about other subjects much more. I get upset whenever I actually think about politics for too long.

3 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

I never had any doubts about one of my favorite bloggers, but it's always good to have a confirmation. :-) :-)

Spanish prof dijo...

I completely respect your lack of interest of blogging about politics, but I would disagree that your political opinions are utterly banal (whichever they are). I believe that if a country is going to have a discussion about what type of policies they want implemented or not, nobody's opinions are banal. I find that the more interesting discussions are with people whose views are similar to mine, but where we might disagree on issues. They are informative, I learn other (rational) perspectives, and I get to explain mine without being shouted "communist" or something similar.

That, of course, doesn't imply that you should be blogging about politics. I seldom blog about it, and I love politics.

Jonathan dijo...

You make a good point. By banal I meant unoriginal, mostly. If I blogged about Spanish politics, say, then I would be informing Americans about something they don't know about and which I follow with some interest. I wouldn't ever be an original voice in American politics, though.