4 may. 2011

Old Table of Contents

I found an old table of contents from Dec. of 09. It made me realize that 18 months is a long time, and how much progress I've made on this project. I hardly recognize anything in this older plan.
Chapter 1: Modernity and its Discontents
Chapter 2: Spanish Modernism and the Paradoxes of Literary History
Chapter 3: Contemporary Spanish Poetry: Late Modernism and the Cutlural Logic of Anachronism
Chapter 4: Alternate Models: Machado, Jiménez, Cernuda
Chapter 5: Play and Theory of Lorca's Duende: Nation and Performance
Apocryphal Postscript
Appendix: Glossary of the Duende

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Clarissa dijo...

As I proceed to remake my doctoral dissertation into a book, I think it would be extremely helpful to read a post on how to create a good table of contents for a publishable manuscript. If you have already blogged about it, it would be good to get a link to the post.

The authentication word for this post is "trying." :-)

Jonathan dijo...

I haven't addressed that in a separate post. I'll see what I can do.