11 abr. 2011

Undergraduate dynamics

A student in my undergraduate class follows my blogs, which is fine. it's a public blog and I always see the possibility of someone reading a comment about the class itself. Here was the dynamic today, in a class of 17:

3 or 4 were absent.

A few had done the reading, but didn't have the book with them.

One had the book in English rather than Spanish, due to misleading advertising by amazon.com.

Others had the book with them, but hadn't done the reading, or were unwilling to contribute to the class.

Others had the book at home, and hadn't done the reading.

Other neither had the book nor had done the reading.

Three or four had done the reading, had the book, and were willing to talk about it.

1 comentario:

Andrew Shields dijo...

Sometimes I think that I should then send the rest home and count the day as an absence, and just go for coffee and a good chat with those who are prepared.