3 abr. 2011

Proverbios y cantares

As you know, I have been interested in aphorisms lately. As you also know, I am writing a book called What Lorca Knew: Late Modern Spanish Poetry and intellectual History. Yesterday, I realized that I needed a chapter of this book that deals with the tradition of the aphorism from Antonio Machado to Ángel Crespo and Vicente Nuñez. I am so happy I am a scholar of Spanish literature because these lightbulb flashes make me feel very good. I was working on the aphorism project simply as a side interest, without even realizing that it was going to be part of the book. Now I have the chapter in my head inchoately. I know the authors I'll need to consider. I know exactly why I need this chapter and the gaps that it will fill. What I don't know yet is whether it will take the place of the chapter on Lorca's Diván del Tamarit. This chapter is not well developed at all and was there as a kind of place holder and because I felt the book was lacking in poetic analysis: chapters where I just take books of poetry and do close readings of them.

I love feeling smart and competent.

Bueno es saber que los vasos
nos sirven para beber;
lo malo es que no sabemos
para qué sirve la sed.

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