11 abr. 2011

A Polysemy via Language Log

"What is the link between (a) denigrating, (b) ceasing to hold in one's hand, (c) making written notes, and (d) euthanasia?"

(via Language Log and Geof Pullum)

That took me all of 30 seconds to solve.

Here is an even easier one of my own:

apply eye shadow / compensate for missing funds / reschedule an exam / reconcile with a loved one

4 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

I guessed yours but still can't figure out the first one.

Jonathan dijo...

How about:

discern from a distance / kiss / manage in a particular situation

zbs dijo...

"Euthanasia" makes it pretty easy.

Also I feel like "apply" in the second one twists a little in the tense.

Andrew Shields dijo...

I have to teach phrasal verbs (or as Pullum calls them, verbal idioms) in English to my students here in Basel, and I've always loved the polysemy of "put down." Put down a dog, put down a baby!