30 abr. 2011

New Table of Contents

What Lorca Knew: Late Spanish Modernism and Intellectual History

1. The Grain of the Voice: Nation and Performance in Lorca’s “Juego y teoría del duende”
2. Jorge Guillén, Luis Cernuda, and the Vicissitudes of Spanish Modernism
3. María Zambrano and the Genealogy of Late Modernism
4. Fragments of a Late Modernity: Samuel Beckett and José Ángel Valente•*
5 Antonio Gamoneda and the Persistence of Memory
6. What Claudio Knew
7. The Spanish American Connection: Blanca Varela and Eduardo Milán
8. Poetry and Aphorism (From Antonio Machado to Luis Feria)
9. The Verse Paragraph (From Juan Ramón Jiménez to Olvido García Valdés)

I need some snazzier title chapters.

4 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

Would it be too silly to have each chapter be in the form "What So-and-So Knew"?

Jonathan dijo...


Clarissa dijo...

I understand the reason for Chapter 6 being named this way but the title of the chapter looks a little bare and reductive in comparison to other chapters. Maybe "What Claudio Knew: XXX" would balance the chapter titles a little better.

I know nothing about the subject matter (but hope to enlighten myself when I read the book), so my comment is that of an interested reader only.

Jonathan dijo...

Good suggestion. It does seem a little sparse. I'm still working on the subtitle.