5 abr. 2011

Life Is Good

I sat down at a coffee shop and mapped out my chapter on aphorisms. It's going to be quite original.


The guy i sent an article to wrote back with really detailed suggestions that are going to improve the article a lot.


I went to Love Garden and bought a Coleman Hawkins box set for 15 bucks. It's called "Coleman Hawkins: The Bebop Years." There was a really cool R&B track record playing, so I asked the girl behind the counter what it was. Mama's Gun by Erykah Badu. I would have guessed another spelling (Erika or Erica), but the voice and the groove are really great.


I had drinks with two friends.


Life is good. (Or can be.) I have problems like anyone but I am in the prime of life and more fortunate than most people on the planet.


I did a few consultations, giving advice on how to improve some articles. I helped two people out and earned a few bucks.

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Clarissa dijo...

I love this feeling that life is good and everything is right in my world. I usually get it after I sit down with a new book after a really good day of teaching. I had such a day today.

Of course, your advice also helped a lot!