4 abr. 2011


If I add a chapter on Lezama Lima and the chapter on aphorisms, then I will have 10 chapters. I can then skip the chapter on Lorca's Diván del Tamarit, for which I have no ideas anyway. That will give me the following chapters to complete this year:


I probably won't finish the book in 2011, then. Realistically, I could finish Lorca and Zambrano, since I have substantial work done on those already, over the summer. I could finish three more over the next AY.

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JforJames dijo...

You might want to send advance material on the Aphorisms section to James Geary's site...
All Aphorisms, All The Time

Here's a post to that site which featured a book related to Gomez de la Serna's work:


Jonathan dijo...

Thanks for the leads. I'll look at those.