20 abr. 2011


I still get a frisson when i see myself in print. The book on Ullán to which I contributed, Las voces inestables came just now in the mail. Even though I can't do much with the book except read the contributions that aren't by me...

I was walking to my office and the student assistant was walking down the hallway at the same time. It's about the same time I know she goes downstairs to get the mail, so I thought to myself, "I guess she's getting the mail. I hope if there is something for me she just drops it off for me on the way back to the main office." I almost asked her to do that but it seemed rather silly, because I wasn't really expecting very much. Then, when she walked by my office door five minutes later, she asked if I wanted her to just hand me my package. She's never done that before, so I must have communicated my wishes to her at some sub-conscious level.

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Clarissa dijo...

This happened to me, too. I was dying to talk to my students about a certain film that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of our class. I kept wishing that they would raise the subject and allow me to pontificate about the film. Somehow I must have communicated this wish to the group with which I had a great rapport. Once, out of the blue, a student asked me what I thought about the film.

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