7 abr. 2011


I should probably explain again my 9,000 books of poetry project. That seems like an absurd number, and it is. My idea is to keep track of 9,000 books of poetry that I read and make blog entries about them. Now obviously I will never finish this. One percent of this might take me a year (90 books) and I won't live another 97 years. So the idea is just to do as much as I can, to read as much poetry as possible and keep track of what i read over the course of many years.

Why not 10,000? Well, I want to get through a percent of it in a reaonsable amount of time, so I'm just knocking 10% off from the beginning. I only have to reach 900 to get to 10%, etc...

You might think I am racing through these books and reading too fast to really derive any benefit. This is not true. I still stop and stare at some poems for a long time, some I read several times. Some books are ones I've read in the past and am returning to. Reading in quantity does not replace reading in small doses too, as when I prepare a handful of poems for a class, or when I analyze a single poem for an article.

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