29 mar. 2011

Which of these names is not like the others?

I received a promotional flyer for a book I've contributed to. These are the authors:

Marcos Canteli, Miguel Casado, José Manuel Cuesta Abad, Susana Díaz, Olvido García Valdés, Amalia Iglesias, Jonathan Mayhew, Eduardo Milán, Antonio Méndez Rubio, Miguel Morey, Antonio Ortega, Julio Ortega, Pedro Provencio, Ildefonso Rodríguez, Jenaro Talens

3 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

Wow. Your Spanish is, indeed, phenomenal. Did you take classes specifically on pronunciation when you were a student?

Jonathan dijo...

I never had a pronunciation or phonetics class, though I am interested in phonology. I would just read Don Quixote out loud to myself for hours.

My point here is not about my Spanish, but that I am get to be the token yanqui in books edited by Miguel Casado in Spain. I am the one Anglo-American in the "late modernist" clique in Spain.

Jonathan dijo...

Though apparently I can't write a comment in English.

I did take time with each phoneme in Spanish. It seemed a point of pride as a Spanish professor to learn how to pronounce the language correctly.