13 mar. 2011

More aphorisms

I knew that I had always been interested in aphorisms, but I just today remembered that I had written a whole mess of them in the late 80 and early 90s. Amazingly, after realizing this, my eyes rose to a bookshelf and I saw a folder of poems that I had bound up together with a spiral binding back then. It was my never published book of poems Introspectionist's Folly, which includes a section called "Parables and Aphorisms."

The funny thing is I didn't even think of these the last two times I taught parts of courses on the aphorism as a genre. Maybe because I was working mostly with the popular proverb and not the authored aphorism. Maybe because I have a bad memory for my own writing (but usually I don't.)

Anyway, I will be posting some of the old ones on twitter. Search me out at jmayhew1.

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