15 mar. 2011

Dissertation Topics

I have a tag where I give out free ideas for dissertations. I get so many ideas myself that I don't need them all for my own research, so any of you are welcome to them. Some of them might be very dull ideas, so caveat emptor.

3 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

The ideas are fantastic. This is very generous of you. I wish we had more of established scholars who were willing to help beginning academics in this way.

Jonathan dijo...

The trick is to do something worthwhile with the ideas. I have handed great ideas to students and [thud]. If someone can't come up with a great idea on her own, he is unlikely to do anything great with mine.

Clarissa dijo...

That's very true. A successful doctoral dissertation requires a lot of passion. Can one feel true passion for somebody else's idea?

Of course, a masters thesis is a different thing altogether, in my opinion. there, a nudge form the thesis director can be priceless.