2 mar. 2011

Apocryphal Lorca

My influence on Thomas Basbøll. I don't feel that comfortable with Fuller, never having forgiven him his Dover testimony, but I will take the compliment. I certainly never expected my book to have an influence on a project so disparate from mine.

(And I have finally learned how to type the ø but in the first version of the post I wrote "Bøsball.")

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Thomas dijo...

It would surprise me if it were possible to keep one's role models all neatly (comfortably) within a single orthodoxy. When we "create our precursors" we willy-nilly bring people together that would (or do) find the association unsettling. I think that fosters creativity in the self-fashioning of the apprentice.

Typos are also a creative force. I've been thinking about a post a post called "Mayhem as teacher", for example.