8 ene. 2011


I make a few soups quite well:

A Boatman's stew: cod, various vegetables (onion, garlic, tomatoes, celery, potatoes), parsley, white wine, olive oil, salt, a dash of cayenne.

Caldo Gallego: a beef soup bone, a smoked ham hock, potatoes, turnip greens.

Polenta and spinach: Chicken broth, polenta, garlic, spinach.

Squash: butternut or acorn, pureed with potatoes, salt and pepper and a few other things.

Once you know how to make a soup, there is no recipe. There is just soup.

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Clarissa dijo...

I love making soups, too. Our Ukrainian borscht, for example, is a work of art. Everybody who makes it has their own variation of taste AND appearance. :-)

I've also been exploring Canadian soups lately and found a recipe that was priceles. I said: "You will need two squirrels for this soup. Go outside, shoot a couple of squirrels, and bring them home. Remember, it is always best to use the freshest ingredients." :-)

You are right, a soup has a life of its own.

Jonathan dijo...


JforJames dijo...

Lovely aphorism at the end of that post.

One of my favorites is potato leek soup. I put in some mushrooms for good measure. And I have found cutting the leeks and washing them a couple times in salad spinner saves time, since it is important not leave any grit in the leeks.