4 ene. 2011


We recently lost two members of our family to complications from Parkinson's Disease. My father-in-law, Mizuki, died on December 24. He was a prominent oceanographer with a great sense of humor. I never knew him to complain about his health, even when he was very ill. He loved opera, but his real loves were his family and the sea.

My uncle Frank Laycock passed away shortly after the New Year. He had been a professor of psychology at Oberlin College before his retirement. He was a sweet and gentle man, so slow to anger that I never actually witnessed him become angry. Speaking in a quiet voice, he commanded immense respect. Frank exemplified the word avuncular as few uncles do.

The world is poorer with these losses, my world in particular.

2 comentarios:

Thomas dijo...

My condolences, Jonathan.

Bob Basil dijo...

My condolences, too, to you and Akiko and your families. A sad season for you.