12 ene. 2011

Classic Prose

2011 will be the year I finish my fifth book on Spanish poetry, What Lorca Knew. I have five chapters to write, but I am confident I will be able to write this much. I have a new approach to writing, based on a combination of my previous approach and the idea of "classic prose" developed by Mark Turner and his collaborator. For more about that approach you can follow my posts on Stupid Motivational Tricks.


All writing styles are based on enabling fictions. The romantic poet has certain beliefs about language that enables him to write an ode on a Grecian Urn. Those beliefs might be unfounded ones, but they make the ode possible. It makes no sense to argue with the fiction.

2 comentarios:

Sarang dijo...

What was the previous approach?

Jonathan dijo...

More or less the plain style as I define it on a page on Stupid Motivational Tricks.