12 abr. 2010

My project is dividing up in two, against my will. I have

What Lorca Knew and

Fragments of a Late Modernity.

They is some overlap, but basically, What Lorca Knew is a book inspired by Claudio Rodríguez and Lorca, with a view of poetry as embodied and musical. Fragments of a Late Modernity is a continuation of my work on Valente, and looks much more at the relation between poetry and abstract thought, intellectual history. Lorca's in both books.

You might call What Lorca Knew the right brain book, taking root in my course on jazz, in my study of prosody and percussion, and Fragments of a Late Modernity my left brain book. Of course ideally they should both be whole brain books; I am not a strong proponent of pop psychology vulgarizations of brain hemispheres--I'm just using them here as a convenient shorthand.

It could be one book broken into two halves. (???)

Needless to say, I'm more excited about What Lorca Knew. I'm a little bit overwhelmed by my own ambition.

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