16 mar. 2010


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Thomas dijo...

"To really love literature is to love how it rewrites your subjectivity, how it kicks your ass with its transformative power."

That holds for love quite generally, I'd say.

"Love, I call out, find me
Spinning round in error.
Display your dank, coarse hair,
Your bubs and bulbous shoulder.
Then strike, witless bitch, blind me." (Irving Layton, "Love's Diffidence")


To really love someone is to love how she rewrites your subjectivity, how she kicks your ass with her transformative power.

Literary theory without receptivity is merely a kind of textual promiscuity. If you're not calling out to literature to find you in the midst of your errors (caught up in your Bloomian misreadings), you're reading only for pleasure. That's not always a bad thing. But it isn't a serious activity.