23 mar. 2010

I just got my copy of The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound, edited by Marjorie Perloff and Craig Dworkin. I actually paid for this book rather than trying to finagle a free copy. I'm sure this will be relevant to the line of inquiry I'm opening up here. I also got a copy of Kyle Gann's book about John Cage. No time to read them now I have to go upstairs to teach.

The project I'm developing will be called something like Poetry, Receptivity, and Performance. It will be a fun project like Apocryphal Lorca, not a boring scholarly work like my other three books.

2 comentarios:

Providence dijo...

I'd also recommend _close Listening_ and, perhaps moreso, Peter Middleton's _Distant Reading_.

Jonathan dijo...

I used Bernstein's CL as the textbook for my poetry and performance seminar. We also read things by Middleton in that course.