21 feb. 2010

The project is coming together nicely. I have kept tinkering with the chapters and their order until I got things right, with no repetition of content between chapters, and sufficient uniqueness to both each individual chapter and to the book as a whole. It starts off with an introduction mostly on intellectual history, then the chapter on Zambrano and Valente. Chapter 3 is on Lorca's duende. I've just gotten an invitation to send this article to a special issue of a journal. Chapter 4 is on Lorca vs. Jiménez as influences on contemporary Spanish poetry. Chapter 4 is something I've already written on Gamoneda. And chapter 6 expands the field to include Latin American poetry. That's it. There are five main chapters left to be written. At least two or three will be done before the end of 2010, if all goes well.

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