21 abr. 2009

Now say that squidgets were only 20%. Widgets total 60 percent, and each worker is now responsible for six annual megawidgets instead of four.

Colleague A has zero squidgets, and gets a 100% rating in quality rating in widgets.

Colleague B has about four megasquidgets, and is pretty much at the top of the 20%, lets say 19%. But she only gets an 80% rating in widgets.

Will stipulate that they both score 17 out of 20 in administration.

So A has a maximum rating of 77% percent. (The maximum he can get is 80, in fact.)

B, on the other hand, has 85%. B still comes out ahead. Not only that, but she has the chance to approach 100 by improving in the other categories. A will always be capped at 80, as long as he doesn't touch squidgets at all.

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