9 abr. 2009

Ego is a necessary part of doing things well. And yet a worse form of ego is to do things badly. When I sit down at the drums I know I am a bad drummer. My body is tense; I can't get the rhythms to flow. Everything I play is tentative, wrapped up in a worry over my self as bad player. Since I cannot stand to something badly, I rarely practice, so of course I'm bad when I sit down to do it.

Think of some asshole hollywood actor inflicting his amateur music on the world. That is egotistical, more than someone who knows s/he is good and projects confidence and mastery.

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Bob Basil dijo...

Before I start playing my piano, I tell myself, "No matter how bad *I* might sound, the piano itself always sounds beautiful." This relaxes me and then the music comes out.

When my technique is especially awful, I play something very simple -- Bach for Beginners, Protestant hymns ("Abide with Me" gets called on pretty often!) -- and, again, marvel at the sound of my instrument.

I insist on being happily relaxed at the piano, in other words. In some mystic way, my piano insists on it too, it seems. *smiles*

Annandale Dream Gazette dijo...

You'll probably hate this suggestion, but I think it's a good antidote:

sit down frequently, jump in, and play as badly as you can. (Flazz: flarfy jazz).

Either that or sit down just to "practice," i.e., whatever drums' equivalent is to piano's scales & finger exercises.

Or the most obvious (to me) question you can ask your ego: "bad" compared to what? "Bad" in what way?

Or you could always practice some Tai Chi before you sit down to play.