17 mar. 2009

The actual, physical book came today. Only one copy, but the ink still smells fresh. I'll get my other author copies in a few weeks. It was really a pleasure to work with the University of Chicago Press. To get the book exactly a year after delivery of the manuscript on my part is astoundingly quick. I don't even feel that sense of let-down, that anti-climax that usually accompanies the arrival of the book itself. Quite the contrary. If you want to write a review for some MAJOR publication, let me know and I'll tell you how to request a review copy.

I'm otherwise spending spring break doing page proofs and index for that other book. I hope that too will be anti-anti-climactic.

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Bob Basil dijo...

One of the particular thrills of getting the actual book is realizing, with full force, how many people who worked together, believing in the project, to publish it. A humbling, beautiful moment.

No need, BTW, to send me a review copy. *smiles* I'm buying a few for Christmas presents.