26 feb. 2009

Yesterday, I read three dissertation chapters, revisions of 7 short grad. student papers. About 15 files for an internal university research grant committee. I wrote a course description, a proposal for the MLA. A few blog entries. I began to listen seriously to the music of Andrew Hill.

I read a book of poetry, parts of a few articles on Stanley Cavell. An article by Philip Lewis on translating Derrida, for class today.

I met with the colleague with whom I'm co-teaching the class, to discuss the course description. Tried to find a proctor for the M.A. exam.

I answered a query about an article of mine that was in proofs.

I worked a bit on an outline of a book I want to write.

That's a lot more than I typically do on Wed, which is my catch-up-on-work day. Today, all I have to do is prepare one class, teach two, and maybe read two more dissertation chapters (I am on four committees). Then, I'll have all my dissertation work done, and the only big item will be the internal grant competition, which I have to have ranked by Monday. There are 35 files in all kinds of fields I know nothing about.

When the page proofs come for my other book, I want to have my desk more or less clear.

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