25 feb. 2009


Andrew Hill. Point of Departure.

This has an absolutely classic line up, with Dolphy, Dorham, Henderson on horns and a rhythm section of Hill, Richard Davis, and Tony Williams. Davis, the bass player, is the least well known, maybe, but even he played with Coltrane so he's no slouch. I love the border region between hard bop and avant-garde, which is exactly where this album is located. Ca. 1964 Blue Note was putting out music that still sounds fresh.

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Thomas Basbøll dijo...

I discovered Hill ten or fifteen years ago trying to expand my knowledge of jazz around Mingus. Somewhere I learned about "hard bop" and (if I recall) read a book about it which, I think, talked about "the angry, intellectual bop of Andrew Hill". That got me interested. I think I started by signing Judgment! out from the library and really liked it, but I never did buy it. Listening to POD now.

Andrew Shields dijo...

I saw Davis with John Carter, Bobby Bradford, and Andrew Cyrille in Santa Cruz in the late eighties. Absolutely brilliant stuff played by all, Davis with a monster sound and brilliant bass solos. The only time I caught any of those guys!