10 feb. 2009


Los detectives salvajes. 1998. 609 pp.

I'm sure I'm the last person to read this (maybe literally, since I finished it a minute ago!), but I finally have finished the tale of Ulises Lima and Arturo Belano, related through multiple narrators. We never have any narration focalized through either of the two main characters, instead we get others' reactions to them. There are great moments of humor and passion, and also quite a few duller patches, told in the voices of dull people and in a flat, barely serviceable style. Somehow Bolaño gets away with it. I loved García Madero, the 17-year old narrator of the first and last sections.

I have few more books to read by Bolaño.

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Jordan dijo...

Not the last -- it's on my stack, behind the collected works of Nelson Algren, and volume three of the Walt and Skeezix reissue. If I could find that Echenoz novel I bought it'd be behind that too. I'm probably just jealous -- everything I've heard about Bolaño is terrific. (This piece is the best I've read about him.)