12 feb. 2009


*Julia Otxoa. Centauro. 1989. 53 pp.

This book is typical of women's poetry of this period.

For you, Angela, from October

"Like someone awakening surrounded by flames,
surrounded by wolves" --Angela Figuera Aymerich

October explodes over the undamaged foam,
of the dinosaurs of Ariadne's court,

while you, blind angel over St. Petersburg,
proclaim your nudity of stone,
written in hieroglyphics,

your fasting and your disobedience,

your different will.

The procedure of the highest leprosies
keeps you company,

because mortally clear the light wounds you,
from all the hemispheres of the stigma,

and because only October exists,
sweet, unconquered angel,
in your loving heretic heart.

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