4 feb. 2009

1. I was visiting New York. I went into a large room at the MOMA where there was going to be a poetry reading. I was greeted very warmly by Drew Gardner and Nick Piombino, and it seemed that others were waiting in the wings to greet me as well, probably Gary Sullivan and Jordan Davis and David Shapiro (though Nick in my dream did not look like the real life Nick at all; he had a beard for one thing). I was kind of overwhelmed by all the attention and went into a back room that was identical to the room I had just been in. I felt dizzy and explained to some of my New York friends who had followed me to the second room that I wasn't used to seeing people and couldn't handle talking to so many people at once.

2. I was living in an apartment of some kind with two women, though I wasn't sexually or romantically involved with either of them. They were more like cousins of mine, somehow. I had to move out and wanted to explain myself, so I talked to my younger cousin for a while, then called into one room, "Vanessa!" But Vanessa, presumably my older cousin, did not answer. So I wanted to write a note on a steno pad. I was looking for a clean sheet, but most of the pages in the pad were already covered with writing. When I did find one that wasn't, I noticed a grease stain on it, and so on... Everytime I thought I had found a suitable piece of paper, I found writing or grease on it...

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