13 ene. 2009

The torturers were called to account, if you call
Early retirement the proverbial "medicine ball." They worried
The question as they might worry a toothache, calling
In expert opinions on all sides, until
A dense fog greeted the mourners. One down
Two to go, was the expression
On their faces. To put a positive spin
On blight? But, really, what was so wrong
Anyway? Things seemed a little out of whack, nothing
A shot of cointreau couldn't fix. If only we had any!
And so the case eased its way up to the forgetful court,
A whimper in the eaves. You've all had experiences like this,
For all purposes identical, but the codebook had been lost so
You couldn't exactly call in the marines, couldja?
That's what I thought. Fakin' it again. It always worked for me.

Look, I have a solution, all you had to do was ask. But you,
You had to take out a policy on that.

2 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

Excellent. Yours?

Jonathan dijo...

Just a little Ashbery pastiche I came up with after a few beers and reading a few Ashbery books. I heard a thing on NPR, a debate between two law professors about whether those authorizing torture should be prosecuted. So I imagined what JA would say about it.