27 ene. 2009


*Menchu Gutiérrez. Viaje de estudios. 1995. 112 pp.

Here's another, very similar but completely different novel by MG. The narrator is an orphan going on a university "field trip" by train to various monasteries. The activity of the trip seems to be investigating various parareal "agujeros" (holes). One of the other orphans, X, (all the students on the trip are orphans) gets sucked into one of these holes at the end. There are frequent flashbacks about the various orphanages where the narrator has lived. The narrator has strange visions.

All these novels are about the same length and have very short chapters. All relate eery spiritual quests in an unreal environment. All are very well written, with a nice eye for visual detail. I checked out another one, La tabla de las mareas at the library today, and recalled another from the annex as well. That will be five in total. There's a sixth our library doesn't have.

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