17 ene. 2009


*Bolaño. Amberes. 2002. 119 pp.

Bolaño wrote this in 1980, during a more experimental phase. It's an extremely fragmented and discontinuous novel--with 56 very short chapters. Chapter 20 is a brief and helpful "synopsis":

"Synopsis. The little hunchback in the woods next to the campground and the tennis court and stables. In Barcelona a South American is dying in a stinking bedroom. Police dragnets. Cops fucking nameless girls. The English writer talks with the little hunchback in the woods. Agony and a rotten South American traveling. Five or six waiters return to the hotel on a solitary beach. The first days of autumn. The wind stirs up the sand and covers them."

Amberes is the name of a city. Has this one been translated to English? I don't think so.

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