17 ene. 2009


*Bolaño. Estrella distante. 1996. 157 pp.

This and Nocturno de Chile are the best RB novels I've read. He wanted to call Nocturno de Chile Tormenta de mierda (shit storm), but his publisher convinced him otherwise.

Carlos Wieder is a poet... or is he? His poems don't seem written by him; there is a strange disconnect. After Pinochet's golpe Wieder murders several women of his acquaintance (in an official capacity) and reappears sky-writing poems. The first is simply the first words of Genesis in Latin, which the nameless narrator of the novel sees from the courtyard of a prison. His career as an airforce pilot comes to an end when he mounts a private exhibition of photos of the women he's killed.

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Kendall dijo...

I'm disappointed you didn't like Llamadas telefonicas more. "Vida de Anne Moore" is precious. I think while you're at it (if you haven't already), you should look at Amuleto. But you're right: Nocturno and Estrella are definitely the best of his reasonable length novels.

A fan, K