8 ene. 2009

I got some chap-books from Fewer & Further Press today in the mail, just when I wanted to take a break from my official work, and just when I wanted to do reading that wasn't re-reading.


*John Coletti. Same Enemy Rainbow. 2008. No page numbers

Coletti writes with real wit and energy in a kind of a Jess Mynes / Joe Ceravolo style.


*Brenda Iijima. Rabbit Lesson. 2008. No page numbers

This is one chap-book length poem, with strong images of violence and war. Phrases in a larger but much lighter font provide a visual counterpoint to the regular font, smaller and darker.


*Shannon Tharp. Determined by Aperture. 2008. No page numbers.

Tharp's very short book contains more real substance than most 90-page books I can think of. Her perspective is indeed "determined by aperture," on the theory that a narrower aperture will catch more than a wide one.

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