11 dic. 2008

The second 1%:

Definición de savia. Clave de los tres reinos. Antífona del otoño en el valle del Bierzo. Noche abierta. El hombro izquierdo. La mujer automática. Naturaleza no recuperable. Las fronteras. La lentitud de los bueyes. The Cradle of the Real Life. La última costa. House (Blown Apart). Aphorisms. Spring in this World of Poor Mutts. Un lugar que no existe. Vigilia en Cabo Sur. The Harbormaster of Hong Kong. Espejo de la gran niebla. Poema de uno que pasa. Romancero gitano. Poema del cante jondo. A Little White Shadow. Toner. Las palomas mensajeras sólo saben volver. And the Word. Things on Which I've stumbled. Ins and Outs of the Forest Rivers. Splay Anthem. For the Fighting Spirits of a Walnut. Brief Weather & I Guess a Sort of Vision. La tumba de Keats. Herejías elegidas. Esa polilla que delante de mí revolotea. Folding Ruler Star. ¿Águila o sol? N/0. Silence and Metaphor. Company of Moths. Plain Song. The Age of Huts. La palabra en archipiélago / La parole en Archipel. Matar a Platón. Mainland. Rommel Drives on Into Egypt. Locations. Air. Book of Magaine Verse. Response. Geography III. Lightduress. Fair Realism. Eunoia. The Wonderful Focus of You. What. Paradise. Breath's Burials. Breathturn. Conjuros. The Hawk in the Rain. The Captain Lands in Paradise. A Certain Slant of Sunlight. El equipaje abierto. Lit. Tjanting. Aire sobre el aire. Un día sea. Range Finder. The Unicorns. Planetary Gear. Where Shall I wander? The Pronouns. Gone to Earth. Analogies of Escape. Ladera este. No amanece el cantor. Petroleum Hat. The Lost Pilot. The Absent Father in Dumbo. The Fatalist. Book of Haikus. Collected Poems of Barbara Guest. Keys to the Cavern. American Ones: Notes and Presentiments. Smithsonian Depositions and Subject to a Film. Echoes. Shadow Train. Some Trees.

Common themes here: Silliman, Coolidge, Ashbery; Spanish, American, and Venezuelan poetry. Looking over the list there are some I don't remember too well, that didn't make as strong an impression. That's fine. What's surprising is that is a relatively small number.

I guess I decided it won't matter too much if some of the 9,000 turn out to be (involuntary) repeats. The list will be incomplete anyway, since I am leaving out the titles of works that I read but that I think are "not even bad," that don't even register with me in a useful way, negative or positive.

There's little dross here, actually. Nothing obliges me to read things I don't have to read, so let me be the first to congratulate myself on my good taste: Elizabeth Bishop, Jean Valentine--Lorca--David Shapiro--Olvido García Valdés--Paul Celan--Ashbery.


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