15 dic. 2008

I now have 6 [update: 7] followers of the blog, appearing as seguidores on the side panel. All are male, so evidently "Chicks don't dig Bemsha Swing"--at least not to that point. Three live in Europe (Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland) and three [now four] in the U.S. Only one is someone I've met personally. You too can be a follower and appear on the sidebar, if you can figure out how to do so.

2 comentarios:

Elliot dijo...

I've subscribed to your blog in Google Reader for years. Isn't Blogger owned by Google? Why isn't my face over there?

Jonathan dijo...

You've got to do it from within blogger. Go to your dashboard. At the bottom you'll find a list of blogs you follow. It will probably say none now. You just add the urls of the blogs you want to follow.