29 dic. 2008

Freddie Hubbard has just died. I was just thinking about him today, of how great he was on Empyrean Isles and Maiden Voyage. I think his sound is my platonic idea of what a trumpet should sound like. Warm and full-throated, not constricted at all. He is on Ornette's Free Jazz and on numerous hard bop and fusion records. He had a very long and illustrious career.

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Andrew Shields dijo...

I recently got a CD with him on it with Shorter, Hancock, Carter, and Williams: that is, the second great Miles Quintet with Hubbard instead of Miles. I think it was a Hancock CD (I'm not at home so I can't say). And boy was the trumpet playing brilliant!

Tom King dijo...

One of my heroes, especially during high school when we had Maynard and Mangione forced on us.