28 dic. 2008


Sarah Vaughan. After Hours.

This is a recent find. Bob mentioned it in a comment to another post in this series, and I checked it out. The song selection is superb here, with mostly classic songs like Sophisticated Lady and In a Sentimental Mood and My Favorite Things. Sarah is in full voice, with the vocal mannerisms present but under control. The accompaniment is just bass and guitar.

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Bob Basil dijo...

I was just listening to that last night, particularly "Wonder Why," which I cannot stop singing to myself. The only other version of this song I can find is the first one, sung quite beautifully by a very young Vic Damone in the MGM musical "Young, Rich, and Pretty": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frW_tRQrvgQ .

Do you know any other versions of that song?

Jonathan dijo...

Billy Eckstine, Carmen McCrae, Michael Feinstein, Ernestine Anderson, have recorded it. There's an instrumental version by Bill Evans. That's just after a quick look at the itunes store. But it is not one of those warhorses that you hear over and over again.

Bob Basil dijo...

Thanks for the info -- I found a Mario Lanza version too! *smiles*