8 dic. 2008


The Artistry of Pepper

Pepper is one of the great white saxes of West Coast jazz. Getz, Mulligan, Pepper, Konitz, Marsh, Desmond... Here is Art Pepper with various personel, Mel Lewis and Shelly Manne alternating on drums. Check out What Is This Thing Called Love and A Foggy Day.

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Bob dijo...

I recommend Art Pepper's autobiography, "Straight Life," which is quite well written. It's more about the "jazz life" -- heroin addiction in particular -- at the time than it is about the music itself.

Jonathan dijo...

Yeah. I remember he was in prison for a spell and then came back to the music later.

John dijo...

I don't know how to listen for color in saxes, or in voices, for that matter. I'm not being critical; I honestly don't get it.