17 nov. 2008

One project I have is to reacquire the entire jazz library I had as a kid--before I sold off my old lps thinking I would never have a record player again. Whenever I remember something i used to own and don't know, I try to look for it.

Ella: Rodgers and Hart Song book. I have only have of this on cd.
Nat King Cole: A capitol record that had him with his trio playing piano but not singing. I've never been able to find this material on cd.
Art Tatum: A selection of the Capitol solo recordings: I have that on cd now.
Ella with Joe Pass. I've just found that on itunes.
Sarah Vaughan, "I Love Brazil." An old Pablo record from the 70s. I'm downloading that as we speak.


There seems to be a special quality to the music heard at a certain age...

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z. barocas dijo...


I think I have the Nat King Cole instrumental stuff in a box set but everything's packed up right now. Remind me after Thanksgiving & I'll be happy to confirm & send it along.


Judy dijo...

This will sound strange, but the Reader's Digest put out a fantastic 3-CD set of parts of the American songbook: one CD was Gershwin, another was Rogers & Hart; the third was Cole Porter. Various artists. Most of them terrific. An amazing Kate Smith ballad (yes, Kate Smith, being tender & beautiful). I heard it visiting my dad in his nursing home; they would play the CD's at meals, and when the staff left I would get up and crank up the volume (and get applauded for my efforts). Tried to buy it but it was not only out of print but not even Googlable.

Thanks for the memories.