30 nov. 2008


Coltrane. Live at the Village Vanguard

I love "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise" off of this recording. I also like the contrast between Coltrane and Dolphy.


Coltrane Plays the Blues

This can get a bit monotonous. While the blues is the basis of jazz on some level I actually think the 32 bar AABA or ABAC structure is quite a bit more interesting. Not among my favorite Coltrane albums, though I also have listened to it so much that I may have tired of it.


Coltrane. Crescent.

While I sometimes tire of this particular style this is still a masterpiece.


Coltrane. A Love Supreme

I feel this is a high point for Coltrane--a unified composition in four parts of great power and beauty. This and Crescent have that religious flavor that wears on me sometimes, but overall it's an important piece of jazz history.

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Judy dijo...

My father used to sing Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, the Sigmund Romberg version. I hated it. Wonderful to see it become a really great jazz standard.