22 nov. 2008


Chick Corea. Now He Sings, Now he Sobs (1968)

Chick Corea is not my favorite piano player, but this album is pretty good. It's got Vitous and Haynes on bass and drums, and ranges from straight-ahead post hard bop to free tempo, somewhat rambling, avant-garde. I'm a fan of good trios and of Roy Haynes. Miraslov Vitous is a fine player too.

Will I get to 300 albums? Presumably I will get to know other recordings during the time that it takes to blog what I already know pretty well.

3 comentarios:

Brian dijo...

The one Chick Corea album of mine that has stayed in contant annual rotation.

zbs dijo...

How did you arrive at the figure of 300 ?

Jonathan dijo...

It's an arbitrary number. I thought 100 would be too few and this gives me room to explore things as I continue to listen.